General Assembly of the Croatian Red Cross

The General Assembly is the highest body of the Croatian Red Cross. It convenes at least once in two years and takes decisions at sessions. The members of the General Assembly are elected from branch organisations but can be honorary members as well. They have a four-year term and have the right to be re-elected. After elections held in all municipality, city and county branches of the Croatian Red Cross, the elected representatives meet at the constituent session and elect the President, Vice-Presidents, the Governing Board (as the

As the highest body, the General Assembly: adopts the Statute of the Croatian Red Cross; adopts working program for a four-year term; adopts reports on activities and financial reports; decides on status and other issues of the internal organization, work and activities and the working bodies; defines the Croatian Red Cross activities in case of an armed conflict and other emergencies; decides on the allocation of funds; decides on the establishment of the Croatian Red Cross Headquarters; adopts the Book of Rules on Tracing Service and Regulation on Water Life Saving Service and adopts other normative legal acts.