Mine awareness

Landmines still present a significant threat to human beings in many countries. Croatia is among the most mine affected countries in Europe. Mines in Croatia were placed during the Homeland War (1991 – 1995).  According to data provided by the Croatian Mine Action Centre in February 2013, there are still 683 square kilometers of mine suspected areas with approximately 64 thousand mines placed in 12 counties. Since 1991, in 1 270 mine accidents 1 965 people were injured, of which 508 died.

Mine Risk Education (MRE) program was introduced in 1996 in response to the widespread mine contamination. The strength of MRE lies in the widespread network of 46 local Red Cross branches and trained instructors who ensure that mine risk messages are regularly reiterated and disseminated through interactive presentations or various local initiatives. Instructors provide education and promote safe behaviour among children and adults in order to protect them from the threat they are still faced with. Interesting local projects (exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, sports competitions, building of children playgrounds) are implemented.