After becoming a member of the International Life Saving Federation at the beginning of 1996, Croatian Red Cross started to establish its Water Life Saving Service. Today it: conducts trainings for lifeguards, instructors and managers of lifeguarding stations; organizes refresher trainings; manages database of trained lifeguards, instructors and managers of lifeguarding stations; conducts risk assessments; conducts activities related to the prevention of water accidents; organizes competitions for lifeguards; coordinates work of lifeguarding clubs and participates in emergency response activities.

Croatian Red Cross is the leading organization in the Republic of Croatia in the area of training water lifeguards, preventing water accidents, water lifesaving and giving first aid to persons injured in water accidents. With systematic education of lifeguards, the Croatian Red Cross participates directly in the education of employees in tourism and thus contributes to the image of Croatia as a high quality tourist destination. From 2001, more than 120 courses were held and they were attended by more than 1,400 lifeguards. Every year more than 400 lifeguards supervise 150 bathing areas all over Croatia.

Lifeguards of the Croatian Red Cross saved 276 people from drowning.

A special attention is paid to ecological protection of the coastal area and environment. A team of specialized divers – volunteers was founded for rescuing in difficult circumstances (fast and muddy waters, extreme depths and similar). Divers participate in ecological actions of cleaning the underwater, simulations of water rescue actions etc.

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