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„Red Bell“ - anti-trafficking campaign

Croatian Red Cross, with the support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - IFRC, at the beginning of July launched the “Red Bell” campaign to raise awareness on the problem of human trafficking and to mark the European Anti-trafficking Day, 18 October.

Human trafficking is one of the world’s burning problems, present in all countries, including Croatia. Although, it was in past regarded primarily as a transit country, Croatia is more and more a country of origin and destination of the victims of human trafficking. The general public is still not informed nor educated enough about this problem which contributes to being exposed to the threat of becoming a victim.

The aim of the campaign, which lasted for several months, is to inform the general public on the problem of human trafficking and rights of the victims of human trafficking. The campaign targets individuals, media and particularly youth as those under the biggest risk.

Within the campaign, the Croatian Red Cross launched a photo contest with the support of Canon Croatia and the Croatian Press Photographers Association.The contest was open for all Croatian citizens above 18. We received 101 photos from 40 authors. Twenty-five photos were exhibited in a shopping centre in Zagreb city centre - Centre Cvjetni from 18 to 31 October.

1. Aleksandra Đorđić - "Fear"

2. Mirko Šorak - "Life"

3. Nenad Simunić - "All know, all keep shut"

Antitalent production made a short film about the photo contest in the form of interviews with some of the authors. The film was shot in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. The authors spoke about their photos, explained their motivation, the process of making the photos, and their message behind the photos.

An interactive multimedia installation by Damir Žižić was set up as a part of the photo exhibition. Young Croatian actors, Mia Biondić, Nikola Mijatović and Marko Jelić made an audio recording on the theme of human trafficking based on the script by Lana Brčić. It became a part of the interactive spatial installation. The visitors were put into a position of the witness of the situation in which the person realizes that she is the victim of human trafficking. Digital camera registered their reactions.

Within the campaign, the Croatian Red Cross marked safe spots in public areas, where children can look for help in case they get lost or separated from their parents. Safe spots were marked by a picture of Mouse Millie, a well-known character already used for raising awareness. Safe spot signs were put in shopping centres: Arena Centar in Zagreb, City Center One in Zagreb (East and West) and in Split, Avenue Mall in Zagreb and Osijek, and Roses Outlet Center in Sv. Križ Začretje.

Red bell is announcing the beginning of breaking the silence and whispers on this problem as well as raising awareness on customer’s responsibility for using victim’s services. Red Cross is warning people that it is time to free people from slavery and to respect human rights. Only by being informed and active, we can all contribute to fight against human trafficking!

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