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Emergency appeal for refugees in Croatia

The Croatian Red Cross has launched the emergency appeal "Help refugees in Croatia".

You can donate:

  • by making a transfer to the Croatian Red Cross bank account at Privredna banka Zagreb, No: IBAN HR6923400091511555516, Ref. nr.: 14, multi-currency account SWIFT: PBZGHR2X
  • on-line donations:
  • by calling a donations telephone 060 9011 (6,25 kuna, VAT included)

The Croatian Red Cross shall use the raised financial resources to secure food, water, hygiene items and first aid sets for refugees. Also, a part of the raised financial resources shall be used for the distribution of humanitarian relief, as well as for the activities of emergency response units to be deployed if needed (for providing psychosocial support and distributing relief items).

Thank you for your support!

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