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The President of the Croatian Red Cross performs his/hers duties on honorary and voluntary basis. Members of the General Assembly elect the President from among themselves for a four-year term with the right to be re-elected. The President: represents the Croatian Red Cross, convokes and chairs the sessions of the General Assembly and Governing Board, and carries out other duties entrusted by the General Assembly and Governing Board. President of the Croatian Red Cross is at the same time President of the General Assembly and Governing Board, and performs those duties on voluntary basis.

If the President is absent or prevented from fulfilling his/hers duties one of the Vice Presidents, vested with all the powers of the President, substitutes for him/her.

At the constituent session of the 21st General Assembly held on 27 March 2013, members of the General Assembly elected President and two Vice Presidents.


Josip Jelić, M.D. - honorary member of the Croatian Red Cross, member of the Governing Board for two terms, President of the City Red Cross branch of Slavonski Brod, active member of the Red Cross for forty years particularly active in the first aid and voluntary blood donation activities.

Vice Presidents
Vice Presidents of the Croatian Red Cross are: Franjo Gregurić and Josipa Rimac.

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