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Croatian Red Cross is the founder of the voluntary blood donation in Croatia. It promotes voluntary blood donation, organizes and conducts blood drives; gathers and manages voluntary blood donors, issues confirmations and awards recognitions to voluntary blood donors.

In cooperation with transfusion services, Croatian Red Cross defines annual blood drives schedule to make sure that all needs for blood and blood products of the health system of the Republic of Croatia are met. Around 180,000 blood units are collected annualy, which is 40 blood donations per 1,000 persons. Results are not identical in all parts of Croatia because the number of collected units is influenced by demographic, economic, cultural and many other factors.

Voluntary blood donor is a person who gives blood, blood plasma and other blood ingredients voluntarily, anonymously, without any kind of payment, purely as an act of solidarity.

Voluntary blood donors' day is celebrated on 25th October in the Republic of Croatia. On that day, first voluntary blood donation action organized by the Croatian Red Cross was held in Sisak.

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County Red Cross branch of Bjelovar-Bilogora

Address: V. Nazora 13/1
Postal code: 43 280
Director: Melita Lozina
Telephone: 043 531 156
Fax: 043 531 156
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Croatian Red Cross,
Ulica Crvenog križa 14, P.P.93 10 001 Zagreb

Tel: +385 1 4655 814
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