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Croatian Red Cross runs first aid programmes with the aim of educating citizens for giving first aid. To ensure high quality of education, special attention is paid to further education and refresher trainings for first aid trainers.

Croatian Red Cross offers first aid programmes adapted to the needs and interests of different target groups: volunteers, future drivers, employed persons, children, youth, first aid teams and water lifeguards. Every year about 49,000 citizens attend one of the first aid trainings.

For the needs of education, the Croatian Red Cross published contemporary first aid manuals harmonized with the European guidelines: First Aid – Manual for the attendants of driving schools and "First Aid" manual (translation from English).

Modern technology is also applied for the promotion of first aid. Mobile "First Aid" application is a valuable and safe reminder on first aid techniques and skills. It can be downloaded and saved on mobile devices.

Croatian Red Cross emphasizes the importance of first aid by organizing various promotional activities and events, like first aid competitions and marking the World First Aid Day (second Saturday in September).

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County Red Cross branch of Bjelovar-Bilogora

Address: V. Nazora 13/1
Postal code: 43 280
Director: Melita Lozina
Telephone: 043 531 156
Fax: 043 531 156
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Croatian Red Cross,
Ulica Crvenog križa 14, P.P.93 10 001 Zagreb

Tel: +385 1 4655 814
Fax: +385 1 4655 365
OIB: 72527253659

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